Juender Precision Industry Co., Ltd.--Subcontract processing, LED heat sink and module, zinc alloy

The ISO 9001:2000-approved Juender Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is a veteran specializing in computer numerically-controlled (CNC)-machined metal parts, which are turned out in its modern, integrated plant in Taiwan spread across 36,000 square feet.

With comprehensive metal-parts processing capability, Juender supplies wide array of products and services, including subcontract processing, heat sinks and modules for light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, zinc alloy parts, CNC machined metal parts, die-castings, aluminum-alloy extrusions etc.

More than a subcontractor, the company offers other services as tooling design, processing, assembly and packaging in-house, claiming to mainly focus on zinc and aluminum alloy die-castings, three-dimension (3D) prototypes, automotive and motorcycle parts, parts for machinery and medical equipment, as well as electronics peripherals and aluminum-extruded heat sinks.

Juender stresses that it always tries to manage operations by prioritizing quality, reliability, and trustworthiness.

With a staff of over 30 well-trained, experienced workers in Taiwan, the supplier has a sound reputation for quality, reasonably-priced products that are widely welcome globally.